Russia has largest number of female business leaders

Russia has largest number of female business leaders – US study

© Maxim Shemetov
Russia tops the list of countries with the highest number of female board members, says a new report by a US-based audit firm. While Baltic states show similar stats, in G7 countries some 40 percent of businesses have no women in senior positions at all.

The new report titled Women in Business was  published by the firm Grant Thornton on Tuesday. It conducted its research by carrying out surveys at over 5,000 businesses in 36 countries.

In Russia, 45 percent of senior management positions are held by women, according to the report. Japan ranks lowest with only 7 percent of business executive roles held by females.

commentaire de Dalieko:

Un article choisi non seulement à l’occasion de la fête des femmes mais aussi pour le rôle déterminant des femmes dans la bonne gestion des entreprises russes.

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